Traveling Nurse Contracts – How Long Do They Typically Last? |

It is a misconception that if you are a nurse you would be trapped in the four corners of a hospital working for the rest of your career. There are so many career opportunities for nurses other than working in hospitals. Not that being a hospital nurse is less noble, but it’s not the only career path carved for nurses. Obtaining a nursing degree opens huge doors to great career opportunities. For some people, the idea of working in the same environment for prolonged periods is a nightmare, a trap they wouldn’t want to get caught into. If you are one of those nurses who can’t stay put in one job setting and would love adventure at work, then a travelling nurse career is for you.

United States of America isn’t the only nation suffering from shortage of registered nurses. Across the globe the demand for nurses qualified to provide medical care is rising. In response to the demand for nurses worldwide, the Travelling Nurse Industry was developed to provide short-term placements or temporary positions. Versatile nurses, who’d like to travel around the nation or overseas, may find short-term nursing positions to suit them well. This profession may not be as easy as imagined. Being a travelling nurse brings about a whole new set of challenges outside the normal hospital settings. You have to be very flexible with competent nursing skills to tackle challenges.

As a mobile nurse, you usually get the unexpected moments where experience, professionalism and versatility is required. You have to have between 1 – 3 years experience to qualify for this profession. To get you started, you have to look for traveling nurse agencies that may accommodate your application and hook you up with recruiters. Usually, the kind of recommendation and assignments you get are based on your qualifications, most especially pertaining to experience. These companies will cater to your preference and will do the legwork to find you positions in places you want to travel to.

It is a well-known fact that a travelling nurse earns at least 15% more than other nurses. Other than the opportunity to experience new settings and be working and enjoying dream destinations, you get a whole pile of added benefits such as per diem if any, housing allowance, furnished housing, insurance and other bonuses that only this career could offer. The period of the contract depends on the location as well. Normally, an assignment lasts around 13 weeks or 3 months with an option to renew. For overseas assignment, the contract is a minimum of 1 year and may lasts for years if the facility is gravely understaffed.

The traveling nurse career is undoubtedly rewarding and exciting. If you are very diligent, working overtime in most days would greatly increase your income. A mobile placement is like a business travelling assignment. You get to go to different places for work only for a short-time. Unlike other jobs, you don’t get stuck in meetings the entire duration. Since you will be living in the same area for an extended time, you get to explore your destination and earn greater than your counterparts.

Traveling Agency-Make a Wise Choice |

Don’t choose your next traveling agency by the cleverness of the sales call or the glossiness of the ad. The travel agency is still the easiest and most utilized way to book travel of any kind. Even with the internet and all of the discount travel websites, people and businesses still prefer to make their travel arrangements through a traveling agency. Why? Not only does it save time, it may also save you money, and the traveling agency can walk you through the process to get you the best possible travel package no matter where and when you are traveling.

The ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) is the organization that provides training and continuing education for agents from any traveling agency that displays their logo. This logo can also be displayed by any traveling agency online or any individual travel agent that has gone through the certification and training. Why is all of this information important? It is important because you have a greater assurance of quality service and product delivery from this type of traveling agency. The agents who work in such an agency often have specialized training in business travel, cruises, Caribbean vacations, ski trips, or some other area of travel expertise.

Have you ever received a letter or a phone call from a traveling agency telling you that you have “won” a trip to some exotic location in a fabulous resort and all you have to do is to give them your credit card number for a small processing fee? You may have recognized this as a travel scam. But not all scams are this obvious. Sometimes the agency or agent will promise you a beautiful travel package and you will not find out until you get there that your luxury hotel is a better home to roaches than people. You can check out these agents and agencies through the BBB or BBB Online and also through the ASTA. Just exercise extra caution when it sounds like a deal that is too good to be true.

Don’t be surprised when you are charged a small fee by your travel agency. This is a necessary adaptation in the industry to make up for the loss of airline commission and other expenses. But the convenience and expertise may just be worth the added cost.